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The business model of KROMI Logistik AG covers all tool management steps, and is consequently only to a limited extent comparable with other companies' business models. Pure tools manufacturers only offer their customers products from their own portfolios. Although tools wholesalers, by contrast, frequently offer a broader product range, they mostly possess no particular technical expertise in the machining tools segment. Software companies and dispenser manufacturers, for their part, mostly offer only partial solutions that customers themselves need to combine with each other. Due to its comprehensive tool supply concept, by contrast, KROMI Logistik AG occupies an almost unique market position that allows it to operate as a problem-solving partner for industry, thereby tapping attractive market potentials.

Target sectors and sales markets

KROMI Logistik AG offers its services across different sectors, and thereby benefits from diversification. With customers deriving mainly from the four main sectors of general mechanical engineering, automotive supply companies, and aerospace and marine engine firms, KROMI is not directly dependent on one sector, and is consequently able to better absorb sector-related economic fluctuations and thereby stabilise its own business.

KROMI Logistik AG also serves various sales markets, which are split between business in Germany and international business. Foreign markets particularly comprise Slovakia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Denmark and Poland, which comprise the predominant portion of sales revenues generated with customers outside Germany. Rumania, France and Austria – other foreign countries that KROMI supplies – currently play a subordinate role.

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